Can't build for onchain summer? Support onchain business in your local community, earn $DEGEN.

Buy From a Local Business

1. Find a local business that accepts crypto.

To give you some ideas:
- Coinbase Directory
- Bitpay Directory

2. Pay with crypto!

Use a payment service the business already has (Stripe, Venmo, Bitpay, etc.)If you don't have those, consider offering to help them set up a new solution like Coinbase Commerce or Coinsub.

Onboard a Local Business

1. Choose a crypto payment service.

Top Recommended: Coinbase
Top Recommended: Coinsub
Coinbase Commerce and Coinsub are top recommended for their easy onboarding and low, 1% fees — 3x less than traditional payment processers.However, if the business already uses Shopify or Stripe, it may be easier to add crypto payment service to that existing account.

2. Set up crypto payment service.

Follow the directions closely from the set up page of the payment service you chose. If you have questions, DM me on Farcaster @christian.- Coinbase
- Coinsub
- Shopify
- Stripe